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The deep forests around Näsåker invite to a discovery travel. In this area you find mooses, stags, beavers, bears, roar, lynx and even wolves have been identified. Still not to speak concerning many birds and other at.

You can still find here a number of “historical forrests”, bunch what not yet people have been worked on. Such as the Oringsjö bunch. The trees in this area are 260 up to 300 years old.

By the historical forrest a path runs to the neighbour “Mobodarna”. In the middle of in the bunch there is a place which was in former days used as a summer meadow. In the old restored maisonnettes you can spend the night for free and expire how people lived here 100 years ago. Closer to nature you cannot come.

A walk to “Nävernäsan” offers a surprising view. From the old fire tower out you can look at kilometres far over the Ångermanland. At clearly you can see even the “high coast bridge”, about 80km further.