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The powerful water fall “Nämforsen” was the spot where the Ångerman river ended in the Botnic Golf and was an important meeting place during the stones era.

This has left behind its tracks and the proofs you still find everywhere around the water fall.


It is one of the largest and most oldest finding spots of petroglyphs in Nordern Europe.

The petroglyphs are about 6000 years old and meanwhile more than 2400 drawings have been found there on the rock at the water fall. Still new drawings are found.

Also the area is around the water fall an important archaeological finding spot. The largest find in Nordern Sweden were done here in 1944. The study into this area lasts still and still many finds are done.

In the visitor centre you find further information of the history and the meaning of the petroglyphs.

The Nämforsen now have been controlled by the water strength call centre. During the summer months, of 15 June up to 15 August, one of the locks is daily opened and you can admire the Nämforsen in its strength.