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Winter activities

The winter in Ångermanland is one big adventure. The first snow falls mostly in October and Christmas without snow is almost not possible. The Nordern lights you can see during the cold clear nights.

February and March are the best months for a winter sport vacation. There is a lot of snow and the worst cold is gone thanks to the sun that is shining almost every day. The darkness is completely gone and we have more sun hours then for instance France or Austria.

Snow scooter rides

A great experiance is a snow scooter ride. On the powerfull machines you can reach places where it is impossible to come by foot or on skies. In Näsåker we have several snow scooter paths and they are well kept. Everywhere on the route you can find places to warm up by an open fire.

Other tours

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful winter nature in silence we can organize all kinds of tours for you, for instance a spectacular ride on a dog-sleigh (husky’s) or other sleigh rides.

Ski cross-country

Ski cross-country is a splendid way to enjoy the beautiful wintry forrests. We have a large number of ski cross/country loipes around the village.

To ski

In Näsåker is a small child friendly piste. Very well for the starting skiër or simply to drive sociable sleigh. A larger piste, with even a ski redoubt, is on 40 km distance.

Ice fishing

An unknown phenomenon is ice fishing, in Sweden it is one of the most favorite occupations in the winter.


There is an ice skating field near the hotel.